10 Mind-Blowing Facts About President TRUMP’s AIRLINE
top 10 most amazing facts about president Donald Trump’s air force one airplane
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President Donald Trump is a bit different from presidents of recent past. He managed to win the presidency thanks to promoting change and listening to those who felt they were not being heard. There is no doubt that President Trump’s campaign is filled with some controversy, and talking about him is always a hot topic. What makes him different from previous presidents is that he is extraordinarily wealthy, and he doesn’t have much experience in politics. Granted, because of his wealth, he made amazing connections with other politicians, and he likely learned a thing or two from observation. But if there is one thing that we know about President Trump, it is that he likes to show off his wealth. What better way to do that than to buy a fancy plane and plaster his name all over it? 757 planes cost over 0 million, but that’s just pocket change for President Trump.

In this video, we will present to you ten mind-blowing facts about President Trump’s plane. While he is new to the presidency, he isn’t new in making major purchases and knowing when the quality of something is excellent. Because he’s President, you would think that he would want to use Air Force One. But let’s be realistic; his own plane is probably nicer than what the taxpayers can provide. No matter where you stand in politics, we can all agree that President Trump has an impressive amount of wealth, and has managed to get some of the most incredible assets that the world has ever seen.

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