BREAKING: Tom Perez Has Been Elected New Chair of the Democratic National Committee
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former Labor Secretary Tom Perez has been chosen as the new chair of the Democratic National Committee.

He received 235 votes in the second round to Congressman Keith Ellison‘s 200.

Perez served in the Justice Department in both the Clinton and Obama administrations before being selected for Labor Secretary in Obama’s second term.

The election of Donald Trump has made the conversation within the Democratic party a lot about soul-searching and getting back in touch with voters who felt Trump was speaking more to their concerns than the Democratic party was.

Ellison had received support from Democrats such as Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Bill de Blasio, while Democrats like Joe Biden, Eric Holder, and Terry McAuliffe threw their weight behind Perez.

In his first show of unity, Perez made Ellison deputy DNC chair in his acceptance speech.
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