CNN Town Hall: Bernie Has Very Little Patience For This Trump-Supporting Snowflake
In this Majority Report clip, Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses regulations with a small business owner at a town hall.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Monday clashed with a Donald Trump supporter over President Obama’s regulations on small businesses.

“Should a small business or a large business be able to pollute the water or the air or the food?” Sanders asked the man during a CNN town hall at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. “No. I hope you don’t believe that.”

CNN identified the man as Jim Jacobs, a small-business owner who supports the president-elect.

“I don’t pollute air, I don’t pollute water, I don’t pollute food,” Jacobs retorted. “However, when these rules and regulations come in to cover all of business, and you’re trying to start a business, it’s tough enough.”

Sanders voiced openness to reexamining business regulations but cautioned against blaming the existing rules solely on the Obama administration.

“I think we should take a look at it, but the devil is in the details,” he said. “We’ve got to see what those regulations are.”

“It’s very easy to blame Barack Obama for everything, by the way. Some of these regulations may be state, maybe they’re local. I don’t know exactly the federal regulations.”

Sanders additionally argued that many environmental regulations are essential for maintaining purity in natural resources.

“If there’s a regulation that doesn’t make any sense, why do you keep it?” he asked. “You have some folks out there who really want the freedom to pollute our air and pollute our water.

“They want to get rid of those regulations. I don’t agree, don’t agree. I think we have to protect our environment.””*

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