The Democratic Party is Dead | Episode 84
In this episode we discuss the aftermath of the DNC Chair election, and how the victory of corporatist, establishment-backed Democrat Tom Perez was the last nail in the Democratic Party’s coffin. Additionally, we’ll discuss how billionaires are plotting a takeover of the Party, the war on weed, the FCC’s assault on net neutrality, and President Trump’s insidious plan to gut medicaid funding and increase defense spending. All of these topics—plus more—will be covered in this episode. Enjoy!

DNC Immediately Strikes Down Ban on Lobbying Contributions:
The DNC Elected Zero Reps From Sanders’ Wing: Disproves Jeff Sessions:
How Medical Marijuana Decreases Opioid Deaths (Study):
Sessions Met With Russian Ambassador Twice:
Trump Administration to Take Away Weed:
Is Oprah Trump’s Worst Nightmare?:
Medicare is Doomed Under Trump:
Trump Claims More Foreigners Commit Terrorist Attacks:
Trump Made 61 False Statements:
Trump Will Sharply Increase Defense Spending:
Millions Are Going Hungry in America:
Homeless Stats in America:
Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill to End Federal Marijuana Prohibition:
FCC Chairman Claims Net Neutrality Was a Mistake:
FCC Chairman Blocks Stricter Privacy Rules from Taking Effect:

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